The province of Québec is characterized by its vast territory covering over 1,600,000 km2 and counting more than 500 000 lakes and rivers. It is North America’s largest renewable energy producer. Electricity satisfies 37% of Québec’s energy needs, 99% of which is generated from renewable sources.

Driven by its will to fight climate changes and to build a new, strong, low-carbon economy while taking advantage of its innovative sectors, Québec adopted The 2030 Energy Policy, a policy that includes ambitious targets to by achieved by 2030.

Québec hosted the Summit’s ninth edition, which was held in Québec City from May 16 to 18, 2018, under the theme “Energy Transition: Toward a Low-Carbon Economy.” The event was an opportunity to highlight the prominent role played by the regions in the fight against climate change as well as to strengthen their economic, scientific and political ties.

Additionally, the Regional Leaders Summit enabled Québec to assert its expertise with respect to the principles of producing electricity from renewable energy sources, developed via its vast and diversified energy potential. The Summit also provided an opportunity to learn from the world’s best energy practices and policies in order to consistently meet Québec’s energy, economic and environmental challenges.