Sao Paulo

The State of São Paulo is recognized as the largest economic and industrial hub in the Southern Hemisphere and the largest business center in Latin America. It is the capital of innovation and technology in the region and a global leader in agribusiness and environmental preservation policies.

São Paulo has a strong international presence, indispensable for the economic growth and the human development of the state and the nation. With a broad portfolio of partners, establishing relations with 111 countries, 20 international organizations and 14 multilateral networks, and signing an average of 80 international cooperation projects per year, the state maintains a spirit of openness and fairness, in a wide range of areas, such as science and technology, environment, public security, education, agriculture, rights of people with disabilities, investments and others.

São Paulo also stands out for its dynamic culture and natural beauty, with 622km of beaches and the largest remaining areas of Atlantic Forest.