Upper Austria – 2021

In 2021, Upper Austria invites all partner regions to Linz for the 10th Regional Leaders’ Summit. The main topic will be “Smart Region”.

Smart Region is a comprehensive concept to improve the sustainability of regions. In this respect, “smart” is the combination of “technological” and “social” innovation to improve the quality of life of citizens, strengthen economic competitiveness and reduce the consumption of resources in a region. Digital technologies are often used for this purpose.

“Smart Region” combines innovative aspects from different areas. “Smartness” lies in the intelligent combination. Seven dimensions of the term “Smart Region” are illustrated as examples in the following figure:

During the summit the “RLS-Sciences project groups” will discuss topics in the field of energy, campus aerospace, minisatellites and digitalization.

Smart region “Best practice” projects e.g. in the fields of climate, technological innovation and digitalization will be presented, discussed and further developed.

It is an enriching opportunity to get politicians, and scientists from different sectors all around the world on a table to find new ideas of a “smart region” and to discuss the challenges and limitations of such a transformation process tonew and innovative possibilities of living and using our digital achievements in an intelligent way.